Simple Ways To Limit The Screen Time At Night

Many people have a habit of watching videos or anything on the phone before going to sleep. Of course, this isn’t a good habit for anybody, as it affects the health of an individual. There are many scientific studies that prove that too much screen time is harmful to our health, especially, our cognitive abilities. Some research also indicates that excessive usage of smartphones can cause or worsen anxiety and depression. Therefore, health experts agree that people should limit their smartphone use, especially in the evening.

limiting screen time

Easy Ways To Ditch This Habit:

  1. Keep yourself on a schedule
  2. This is, by far, the most common approach an individual can do for the betterment of health. Make a schedule and plan your usage time accordingly, one can go for a walk, can read a book or a magazine, or can simply sit and talk with your family and relax.

  3. Turn off as many push notifications as possible
  4. The notification is the one thing that makes anyone curious to hold on to their smartphones. The fewer notifications you receive, the less temptation you’ll have to pick up your phone. One can turn off push notifications for as many apps as one can to avoid distraction.

  5. Take distracting apps off your home screen
  6. Moving your favourite app to another screen from your home screen will make you stop wanting to open it. Instead, keep the apps on your home screen that you want to encourage yourself to use.

  7. Kick your device out of bed
  8. When you plan to go to bed at night, keep your phone out of sight, this may help keep things out of mind. Don’t charge your phone by your bed, charge it from an outlet that’s across the room.

  9. If you have a smart speaker, put it to use
  10. An effective idea to ditch the screen at night is by creating a screen-free life. Using smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo or Google’s Home products will help you live a more screen-free life.

  11. Try turning on your phone’s grayscale
  12. Put your smartphone display to grayscale mode instead of vivid colours. The grayscale mode will help reduce your desire to hold onto your mobile for a long duration at nighttime.

  13. Seek Medical Help
  14. One can always consult a medical practitioner if they are not able to limit the usage of the phone at nighttime.

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Putting a limit on the smartphone is not easy, especially in the evening. But, of course, one cannot say it is difficult without even trying. We’re so reliant on our phones that being away from them, even for a few hours, can be stressful. By practicing the above measures, one might be able to ditch the habit or lessen the usage of smartphones at night.