Understanding India’s Trauma Care Air Ambulance: Medulance Air Ambulance Service

Air Ambulance services are the most rapid, well-equipped, and technologically advanced assistance service in the event of an emergency ambulance service  in remote areas or the transfer of a patient across international borders.

Victims of a major natural disaster or a traumatic accident are traumatized and shocked. Vehicle accidents, natural disasters, and man-made disasters are the most common traumatic incidents. Many severely injured patients must be transported to medical facilities immediately, and the best air ambulance services in India provide such services. Trauma patients’ lives are saved when an immediate and effective response is provided. Transportation from the disaster scene to the medical centre or from the hospital to highly specialized medical care is included in trauma emergency transportation.

Medulance’s Air Ambulances are outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology, and the crew includes critical care trained flight paramedics with the industry’s highest level of training and skill, as well as a medical team and other support personnel.

What does trauma air transportation mean?
Delays in treating trauma injuries result in long-term disability or death. The medical team provides “pre-hospital trauma care” even before transporting the patient to the hospital. It consists of administering first aid and then transferring the patient to a medical facility as soon as possible. A trauma emergency ambulance service is a well-rounded team of physicians, medical assistants, paramedics, flying medics, and so on. Even before the patient arrives at the medical treatment facility, such a versatile and experienced team can stabilize him or her. The trauma emergency transportation team will transport patients from the scene of the incident to the nearest health centre while monitoring vital signs and providing any necessary medical care along the way.

How do Medulance Emergency air ambulances handle the transfer of trauma patients?

  • Patients are saved from becoming entangled in complicated healthcare situations as a result of the Medulance trauma transportation team’s quick response.
  • The distance isn’t an issue. The trauma transportation team at Medulance can transport trauma victims for short or long periods of time.
  • The ambulance’s medical and paramedic team provides necessary first aid.
  • The patients are under the supervision of an experienced emergency medical team throughout the journey.

Why should one choose Medulance’s trauma response service?

Medulance is now recognized as a significant contributor to the COVID relief effort in India. During the devastation of the pandemic, team Medulance worked tirelessly to provide relief to patients ranging from life-threatening to urgent cases. Medulance was able to reduce the dispatch ambulance time to 3-4 minutes, making it the fastest in the country. Medulance has served over 16,000 patients in India to date.

At Medulance, we understand the importance of having access to high-quality medical treatment, which is why we provide the best medical care in our air ambulance services in India.

Medulance is committed to providing the best air ambulance service at the most competitive prices to our customers. Throughout the journey, the patient’s health is monitored by a team of highly skilled paramedics led by an experienced doctor.

  • There will be no squandering of time, and trauma patients will receive immediate medical attention.
  • The patient is transferred from bed to bed, so it works well even if the patient is immobile.
  • For the unfortunate infant victims, NICU services are available.
  • Paramedic personnel are readily available.
  • familiar with logistical and administrative procedures
  • Medulance has agreements with super specialty hospitals to provide urgent medical care following evacuation.
  • Complete transparency in terms of transportation equipment safety and maintenance.
  • Medulance’s prices are reasonable and well-priced for the high-quality services it provides.
  • No-hassle booking

How can one avail of the services of Medulance trauma emergency transportation?

You can use the Medulance app to access our medical Air Ambulance Services. The Medulance app is a GPS-based application that allows you to track nearby ambulances and make direct contact with ambulance drivers after booking. You can also contact our customer service representatives, who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with ambulance services.

Medulance air ambulance service can be contacted either on our website or mobile application.