Top 5 Myths About Air Ambulance Services

When it comes to medical services, there are various myths and misconceptions among people. And these are significantly more when it comes to air ambulance services. But, no one ever told us what’s right & we understand that.

air ambulance services myths

Today, we are going to look at some of the myths regarding air ambulance services  and try to provide corrective information so that the next time you need an air ambulance service, you know exactly what is it:

Myth 1:  Air Ambulance services are only for the rich. 

It is commonly understood that air ambulance services are socially designed for the rich class of people and cater primarily to their needs. However, this is not true. Air ambulances are available for all, and their benefits can be availed by anyone who requires them. Air ambulance services are not as expensive as often understood. They are priced comparatively higher than road ambulances due to their ability to bypass traffic and cover longer distances within a specific time limit.

Medulance gets you one of the best air ambulance services that you are looking for at competitive prices.

Myth 2:  Air ambulance services are not capable of transporting unconscious patients.

Whether the patient is conscious or unconscious, stable or unstable, air ambulances are well-equipped for all types of casualties. Air ambulances at Medulance work whole-heartedly to provide transit treatment and transport them to the required part of India.

Air ambulances at Medulance have intensive care units. Stretchers, specialized medical equipment, machine breathing technologies, and treatments and drugs specifically tailored to the patient’s needs are all part of the medical facilities in the ambulance. An experienced and well-trained medical crew is always on board the ambulance to ensure the patient receives the best care possible.

Myth 3: Air ambulances are only used to take patients out of the country. 

An air ambulance service’s primary goal is to take patients to places with excellent medical care. The final destination can be anywhere inside or outside the country.

Like other ambulances, the purpose of air ambulances is to provide high-quality medical care to the patient until reaching the hospital. With air ambulances, you can bypass the traffic and reach the target destination in minimum time. This is of great importance when the patient is critical. Many Medical evacuations have happened in small and remote areas.

Myth 4: Air ambulances are a luxury 

More often than not, ambulances are confused with jets and luxurious private helicopters. However, it is not so. As mentioned, the primary purpose of ambulances is to take care of the patients on the way to the hospital. And these must not be confused with other kinds of luxuries.

Air ambulances are life-saving vehicles and are available for assistance to everyone.

Myth 5: Helicopters are the only type of ambulance. 

Helicopters are just one type of air ambulance. There are various other air ambulances commonly used as Hawkers, Citation Planes, Boeing jets etc. These planes are assigned as per their availability and keeping in mind the requirement of each case. Hence, various options are available when it comes to air ambulances. We hope this article was helpful to clear the air around various air ambulance myths. We at Medulance focus on helping our customers and providing them with technologically assisted, high-quality ambulance service.