5 Ways Signing Up for Medulance Will Change Your Life

Medulance, an Online Ambulance Booking Service based in Delhi, provides a convenient and effective way to track and request any ambulance near you. You can count on a credible and reliable service to ensure an ambulance will be available in times of your need.

According to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the unavailability of ambulances led to 28% of emergency patients losing out on required treatment in the last 5 years. By upgrading and digitalizing the traditional channels that were used to seek help, Medulance’s technology platforms connect the customers and the ambulance drivers directly with each other in their time of need. Thus, you have high-quality, clean ambulances available at competitive prices within minutes. Medulance also provides Air Ambulance Services in Delhi as well as Gurgaon.

The following are ways in which signing up for this innovative new service will be ultimately beneficial to you –

1. Reliable First Point Medical Attention ensured via GPS

In your times of need, you’ll want the assurance that an ambulance is on the way and it will be at your place on time. In medical emergencies, especially in matters of life and death, every moment counts and you’ll want to waste as little time as possible. Medulance uses GPS-based technology that makes sure navigation for ambulance drivers is accurate as well as convenient.

2. Convenient Advance Booking

You can book ambulances in advance for a hospital visit. Medulance provides one-touch access to various medical emergency services. It also provides for storing emergency contacts of your near and dear ones as well as seamless communication with the ambulance drivers themselves.

3. Air Ambulance Transport

In critical situations, Air Ambulance Services are used when ground transport could endanger a patient’s life. They are also indispensable when the patient is in a remote area and time is critical. Aviation companies take care of aviation logistics. Medical aspects like trained personnel, equipment, and care are provided by Medulance’s experienced team. Air Ambulance Services are available in Delhi as well as Gurgaon.

4. Professional and Personalised ICU at Home Service

Medulance provides ICU at home in a cost-effective manner with top-notch doctor’s supervision ensuring comfort and convenience for families as well. These services include critical care nurses, medical equipment, physiotherapy as well as transfusions.

 5.  Ambulances with Freeze Boxes

Medulance with the assistance of their skilled professionals offers a quality approved array of Mortuary Refrigeration System. The Mortuary Refrigeration System offered is available in various sizes. Thus they provide the best quality product to preserve your loved ones on their journey to heaven. Medulance incorporates technological advancement with a humanist approach to offer the most credible Online Ambulance Booking service. Signing up for their service is preparing yourself to have reliable support in your time of need.

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