Why Families with Patients are Opting for ICU at Home

Home Health care is being prioritized in Indian cities. Medulance, an Online Ambulance booking platform based in the Delhi-NCR region, provides a full-fledged ICU at Home service that delivers critical care to patients in the comfort of their homes.

Medulance turns one’s bedroom into an intensive care unit, assists in post-operative recuperation, and takes care of post-delivery care. The reason one would opt for ICU at home service is the drastic reduction in cost and not having to deal with the hassles of a hospital. This care is not only to limited critically ill or aged patients; patients seeking short-term diagnoses also opt for it. Thus, patients are able to receive the required care in the sanctuary of their home and can cope with the treatment at their own pace with the intensive and personalized attention of professionals.

Such services require an effective centralized monitoring system that ensures quality patient management. According to their requirements, patients must be assigned an appropriate medical practitioner be a nurse, physiotherapist, or attendant. Technology makes managing patient databases and assigning required clinicians professional and simple. Another major advantage of such service is constant patient monitoring which enables as well as immediate feedback and suggestions submission.

The staff is sourced from hospitals. Skill training centers, nursing academies and are trained in their respective specialties and matched to patient needs. This ensures post-hospitalization care is given by quality management with a focus on positive outcomes.

Medulance’s services provided include critical care nurses, medical equipment, bedsore management, Physiotherapy, Stoma care, Infusion, Tracheostomy care.

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