4 Advantages of Air Ambulance Services in Critical Situations

Air Ambulance Services are used when ground transport could endanger a patient’s life. They are also indispensable when the patient is in an inaccessible location and time is critical. Medulance, a Delhi-NCR-based Online Ambulance Booking service, provides Air Ambulance Services for speedy and safe transport.

Benefits offered by Air Ambulance Service in critical situations:

1. Eliminates the risk of road congestion and traffic:

Vehicular traffic is rising in volume at an alarming rate in Indian cities. There is a continuous rise in the number of road accidents, posing a threat to life. This increases the pressure on emergency response teams as they have to reach the victim as quickly as possible. Air ambulance services can eliminate this risk altogether. This is a preferred alternative In life or death situations, where the unpredictability of Indian road traffic can make things even worse.

2. Offers all the provisions of a traditional BLS ambulance:

Like a traditional BLS ambulance, an air ambulance is equipped with basic life-saving equipment like an oxygen cylinder, BP monitor, and stethoscope. The qualified professionals riding along on the helicopter are skilled to perform necessary pre-hospitalization care for the patient.

3. Helps in cases of multiple casualties:

It plays a crucial role in the life and death of patients in case of massive accidents with multiple casualties. Many of those hurt can be airlifted at the same time. Most patients with severe trauma or life-threatening injury, die within the first one hour, a period referred to as the Golden Hour. The Air Ambulance can transport these patients to an advanced health care facility within this golden hour thus saving a life.

4. Aids in organ transportation:

Air ambulances are of great importance in organ transportation, especially urgently needed organs in life-saving transplant surgeries. Very often there is the risk of the organ being damaged or degraded during transport and air ambulance helps to nullify this risk.

Medulance air ambulance services can be contacted on either their website or mobile application. They get in touch with their aircraft partners and confirm logistics, after which the caller is called back by the command and control staff, and detailed information is shared, including costs and estimated time to reach the patient/caller. Air ambulance is dispatched immediately upon confirmation of charges and logistics by caller/patient.

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