How the IoT shapes the future of the Medical Industry

With emerging technologies, improved data services, and enhanced digital devices in the medical industry, the gap has been bridged.

IoT is helping the medical industry with remote surgical procedures, drug delivery management, booking ambulances online, etc. This is said to be the beginning of IoT in the healthcare industry. Advancements in artificial intelligence and technologies like virtual and augmented reality will be extensively used in the future.

To provide comfort and satisfaction to patients, medical startups like Practo provide online consultation to people who are busy yet wish to visit the doctor or individuals who prefer to maintain the privacy of their medical discussion.

Technological advancements such as Google Glass enable paramedics to live stream the condition of the patient to the doctors in hospitals. This streaming allows physicians to be ready with the necessary equipment for the treatment. Streaming makes the procedure faster. Upfront planning using such technology helps save time.

Using IoT, people communicate directly with doctors for advice. Doctors monitor and provide required medication to patients who prefer receiving ICU at home. Even diagnostic centers are finding ways to go digital. For example, they send blood/urine testing kits to patients who are under critical care at home. These kits collect the samples and the result is sent to the patient for further observation digitally. There are many cases where companies use technology to aid disabled people. These technologies are used to send signals from the body to the brain so that the product/material/organ attached to the body functions normally. Advancements in cloud-based technology enable medical devices to work and operate using broad sets of data.

Technology has taken its initial steps in the healthcare sector. It will undoubtedly take time to improve but, enhancing the human workforce with technology is the ultimate achievable goal. Using IoT, medical practitioners can learn about their patients and approach the treatment with a personal touch and empathy.

Internet of Things is not just transforming lives but emerging into various industries including the healthcare industry to evolve and serve the people more efficiently. We can expect that the future of healthcare relies on IoT until feedback from the patients and result are positive.

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