Air Ambulance: The Next Big Thing in Indian Healthcare?

Healthcare in India has evolved over the years. Technology has improved diagnostics and ensured better healthcare facilities for the citizens. Considering chronic diseases and the availability of medical services across India, an air ambulance can help in saving lives. Air ambulance is an air transport used for medical emergencies. It provides air transportation for patients who need immediate medical attention.

Medical facilities have to be improved. Though the Government has started ambulance services through a call, there are chances of delay due to traffic and other reasons. Ambulance services in metro cities face this problem owing to the population. To tackle such issues, MedTech startups like Medulance have collaborated to give details about the nearest ambulance available. Also, these startups have made their mark in the emergency ambulance market and they save lives.

As medical facilities in metros and a few districts are at par, people could use them to save the lives of their loved ones. In this case, the air ambulance is preferred as they are a faster, reliable, and safe mode of transport. Air ambulance services in Delhi and other metro cities have improved. To attend to medical emergencies, the government and startups like Medulance are trying to be of great assistance. Providing immediate assistance to medical emergencies can save lives.

Currently, the government is supporting and identifying regions where helicopters could be used as air ambulances to provide emergency medical help. Many hospitals have started air ambulance services to cater to medical emergencies and assist during the golden hour and platinum minutes of a patient’s life. Air ambulance has medical provisions to help during the interim medical care.

The significant advantages of air ambulances are:

  • It is more comfortable than road journeys. The transfer doesn’t cause discomfort to the patient.
  • Air ambulance is usually equipped with trained aeromedical assistants to assist the patient.
  • Air ambulance supports and saves lives in the golden hours.
  • It provides better and more reliable health care, promptly.

Overall, healthcare facilities need to develop across the country. At the same time, these services should be economical considering the income strata of the country.

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