What Should a Child Do in a Medical Emergency?

Emergency preparedness inculcation for children, especially in medical situations, can prove to be lifesaving. Even preschool children can be taught about what should be done in case of a medical emergency, and Online Ambulance Booking Services like Medulance, a Delhi-based startup providing ambulance services as well as air ambulance transport, make it easier for children to deal with such conditions.

This training begins with teaching the child what an emergency is and how to identify it. Children have the innate ability to understand when something is not right and should be educated to identify the signs and symptoms of such conditions. If the parents, some relatives or friends, or even the children themselves have certain medical conditions such as allergies, they should be made aware of these conditions and what might trigger them. Then they can be trained in how to handle such situations. It is important for any such training to be carried out in a conducive environment; the importance of being calm under stress must be stressed upon the child. Families must participate in this activity together to help the kids cope with such stress and react in an appropriate manner. It is crucial to teach kids to follow certain steps to prepare them for dealing with medical situations. In preparing kids to handle a medical emergency one must:

  • Train them to identify signs and symptoms of medical conditions and assess if the situation is an emergency.
  • Teach them about various different types of emergencies, the services that must be contacted to deal with them, and the contacts of such services.
  • Explain what type of information should be given to the operators once they’ve contacted the relevant service
  • Prepare them to handle the patient until the ambulance arrives

Modern technology makes it easier for a child to handle such emergencies. Online Ambulance Booking is extremely convenient for children and parents can easily teach them how to do so. MedTech services like Medulance ensure that children can be active participants in adverse situations rather than passive spectators. Medulance even provides a DIY First Aid tips page.

Children today, are adept at handling modern appliances like smartphones, and apps offer a user-friendly navigation experience. This makes it easier for them to contact relevant services when they are needed.