How Medulance Helps in Covid-19 Patient Transport

The second wave of Covid-19 saw an enormous increase in the demand for life-saving essentials, especially ambulance services. India saw a lack of oxygen supply, a wavering need for urgent delivery of high-end ambulance services, and the requirement of ambulances services emergency life-saving equipment. The country met its biggest challenge in reaching affected people and safely transporting them to COVID-19 specialized treatment centres.

In the most adverse calamity of the century, Medulance showed up to safely transport COVID-19 patients within or outside the country. Medulance air and road ambulances equipped with oxygen support, emergency medicines, ventilators, isolation pods, ECG and other monitoring equipment along with CPR kits and stretchers operated in full force to save as many lives as possible across Delhi. The Medulance App optimized the need for ambulance services  with the help of advanced geographical mapping technology and the consistent availability of high-quality ambulances.

covid-19 patient transport

WIth our well-optimized digital tracking system, highly equipped Covid ambulance services and a very dedicated team of medical experts, Medulance was able to deliver the right across the national capital. With 24-hour active ambulances, Medulance dramatically reduced the dispatch time to 3-4 minutes, which usually takes 14 minutes on average in India.

How Medulance Transports COVID-19 patients

When a COVID-19 patient reaches out to Medulance through a call or mobile application, the person is first assisted by our associated medical expert and advised of the necessary steps to be taken till the ambulance arrives. In less than 5 minutes, a well-equipped, COVID-19 specialized ambulance is dispatched by road or air ambulance, given the severity and urgency of the case. The average turnaround time (TAT) for Medulance ambulances is 30 minutes.  In the case of remote locations, longer distances, high road traffic, specialized air ambulance services  are rendered. The emergency services’ ambulance arrives at the patient’s place with a team of medical experts to carefully assess the patient and provide the best on-transit treatment.

Special measures are pro-actively undertaken while transporting patients with the Coronavirus, such as having expert doctors and paramedics on board. While in transit, the professional team provides emergency ambulance services, including advanced life support and intensive care unit treatment, to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care and safely reaches the medical centre.

Medulance ambulance services may carry patients across international boundaries for advanced medical treatment with air ambulances services. In most circumstances, an air ambulance can be dispatched within a short time.

Today, Medulance has assisted over 60000 COVID-19 patients in Delhi (80000 in total) with its ambulance services and is training its drivers and paramedics to be prepared for any possible furtherance in the COVID-19 outbreak scenario. Medulance also aims to bring healthcare to consumers’ homes by supporting them in putting up a low-cost Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at their homes .  Critical care nursing, bed sore management, physiotherapy, stoma care, infusions, and tracheostomy care are all included in the services provided by Medulance.

During the pandemic, Medulance emergency ambulance service reached thousands of people. With our dedication and sole intention to serve as many patients as possible, we now answer more than 800 patient queries every day. Our helpline serves as a “voice of trust” in delivering the best emergency services to patients as per their needs.

In case of need for you or an urgent emergency with your family members, remember that we are here. You can easily reach out to us through helpline numbers or book an ambulance with our App using your mobile phone. And we will reach you in no time. Any time of the day, any hour of the night, we are just a call away.