Significance Of Cardiac Ambulances in Emergencies

In India, the death rate from heart disease has climbed by 34% in the last two decades, from 155.7 to 209.1 deaths per 100,000 people. A timely response by emergency medical personnel would have helped preserve the patients’ lives in the majority of these situations. The first hour after a heart attack or cardiac arrest is critical for patients to receive adequate medical help and treatment. These 60 minutes are known as the “golden hour,”. After this time duration, the patient’s prognosis rapidly deteriorates due to the growing damage to their heart.

In case of a heart attack, every second is of importance. In such a situation, the heart fails to function correctly and gasps for every single ounce of breath. In such a case, getting the right ambulance at the right time is highly crucial for saving the patient’s life. Specialized for such scenarios are Advanced Life Support (ALS), also known as cardiac ambulances.

A cardiac ambulance is specially designed to assist in the case of a minor or severe cardiac arrest. These ambulances are equipped with a ventilator, defibrillator, oxygen tank, electrocardiography (ECG) equipment, and a monitoring system to cope with life-threatening situations. Medulance’s ALS or cardiac arrest ambulance comes with expert medical technicians and paramedics to provide adequate life support while in transit. With Medulance you get a 24-hour ambulance service for any urgent casualty.

Steps to take in case of a cardiac emergency

  1. When a patient is delivered to an ambulance as fast as possible, their chances of survival improve. When calling an ambulance is delayed, each second lost diminishes the patient’s chance of survival. According to statistics, most people losing their lives due to a cardiac emergency do not call the helpline or seek alternative emergency assistance at the right time.
  2. Hence even in the case of a dilemma, if it is a cardiac arrest or not, you must respond proactively. The first step should be to call your family doctor, who overlooks your family history for confirmation. Follow the necessary steps as prescribed by the doctor while you call for an ambulance.
  3. Use the Medulance App or our helpline number to book a cardiac ambulance for the patient. And within 3-4 minutes of the request, a well-equipped cardiac ambulance shall be dispatched with a team of expert medical staff and paramedics, reaching you within 30 minutes of ambulance booking (TAT). Since Medulance provides 24 hours ambulance service in Delhi, the cardiac ambulance shall reach you in minimal time any hour of the day or night. With Medulance App’s GPS enabled technology, you will track available ambulances and get direct contact with the driver instead of a general public Health Line number or a hospital contact.

Cardiac arrest is a critical life-threatening situation, which requires specialized assistance in the form of cardiac ambulances. Caution should be exercised when treating patients. It is vital to contact emergency services and hospitals if you see someone who appears to be having a heart attack. A patient’s life can be saved if they are transported to the hospital on time, and contacting an ambulance is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this. Such situations arose in the recent COVID 19 pandemic situation as well, where Medulance provided successful services to 80000+ patients around the country.

In case of an emergency, you can rely on us. At Medulance, we are always active to support you in all kinds of emergencies, whether life-threatening or not. Always remember, you are one call away from availing of our 24 hours ambulance services.