Importance of Ambulance on Standby at Big Events

Medical standby is the requirement of emergency medical care and first aid for spectators in any event. India has the world’s second-highest population, and mass gathering is a common thing here. With a large gathering of people at an event, there is always a high possibility of mishaps and accidents happening. Incidents could happen in such a large area with so many people attending, right from passing out due to the heat and exhaustion to meeting with an unfortunate accident. For such instances, having an ambulance on standby, equipped with all the suitable tools to provide emergency medical support in case of an accident, is not only beneficial but also vital for the event to take place smoothly. Standby ensures that the situation is contained at the earliest and the damage is minimized. The risks of danger completely depend on the kind of event.

ambulance on standby at events

Here are a few reasons why is it important to have an on-site ambulance for events:

  1. Medical Aid
  2. Due to the large crowd of people who usually attend big events, there is a chance of accidents occurring. The on-site ambulance service’s primary job in such incidents is to treat and prevent life-threatening injuries from becoming fatal. Also, a totally equipped on-site ambulance can serve as a mobile medical unit, if a massive situation occurs.

  3. Sign of Reassurance
  4. The risk to human life may not necessarily be from fire or explosions, but can also be from the panic such incidents may cause. In India, panic results in horrific stampedes, resulting in innumerable casualties in a single incident. For such incidents, it is always better to have ambulances, along with other emergency services, present on-site. It also, subliminally reassures people that in case of any harm they will be promptly attended to, thereby preventing panic amongst people.

  5. Flexibility
  6. With the rise in technology, modern ambulances are prepared to handle several possible types of casualties from burns and heart attacks, to blunt force trauma and overdosing. Thus, they are more than capable of confronting any potential disaster that could occur at a large-scale event.

  7. Quick response
  8. For saving people, time is of the essence, and any delay can have ominous consequences for an individual. Generally, large events strain the surrounding infrastructure i.e. roads, bridges, and walkways, thereby controlling emergency vehicles from other parts of the city from being able to respond effectively to an incident. So, having an emergency ambulance service on-site will surely reduce response times in the case of an accident.


With so many lives at risk, safety and security have to be of the utmost importance for any event. It is always reasonable to take every precaution to mitigate any potential damage. Natural calamities and freak accidents due to weather conditions cannot be predicted, but steps to safeguard ourselves against them or minimize their impact can definitely be taken. From unexpected rain, or thunder, to other major climatic conditions, the effect they have can be quite negligible, depending on the rest of the factors in place. So, make sure to follow all the appropriate safety procedures to prevent a calamity from occurring. Having an ambulance present at the event would be great in helping prevent or reduce casualties and fatalities.